Online Traffic Formula – Everything You Will Need To Know!

During the past few months I’ve heard countless rumors floating around the online world about something called the”Online Traffic Formula”. For months I have been wondering what it was all about. So I finally did some investigating to learn what it is. Come to find out it’s Jason Pearson’s most recent innovation. He was the master mind behind the highly successful affiliate program the fantastic Wealth Formula.

As I was doing an in depth evaluation of this application, I ran across some rather interesting things. One it’s not a normal affiliate program. One it’s in fact a physically shipped home study program. Included in this study class the customer is given 3 manuals, and above 25 innovative marketing secret technique CD’s. The most interesting discovery is that Jason as an alternative, invites each affiliate to what he calls an Fórmula Negócio Online boot camp. What it is, is a three day seminar in which you get the they get the opportunity to meet him personally. This bootcamp is put up for him to answer any advertising questions they have about boosting Online Traffic Formula, or other advertising questions

A Few of the topics presented will include:

  • 1. Underground Article Marketing Methods
  • 2. Pay Per Click Advanced Techniques
  • 3. Email Marketing
  • 4. Ezine Marketing
  • 5. Web 2.0 Social Websites ie. (Myspace, Facebook)
  • 6. Classified Ads (wrongs & rights)
  • 7. Backlinking (getting your links to possess viral effect)
  • 8. Press Releases/Blogs
  • 9. Conversion Tactics (phone skills, and overall communication)
  • 10. Backend Money Stretegies
  • 11. SEO (The most crucial ways to get optimized)

In my opinion this is apparently the next level of running a web business. No other advertising guru’s are even inclined to teaching these plans. I’ve seen the materials and understand what’s taught at the three day seminars and I feel these are needed abilities to acquire this sort of success that people will have when they use Online Traffic Formula and implement all of the strategies and techniques which are within it.

I’m not here to market Online Traffic Formula, but to give a fair
Review with the knowledge I have received from my personal investigation!

What I do know is it is a really sound product. Taking a look at the facts of the stuff, I am led to the conclusion that this isn’t a scam. On the reverse side These techniques aren’t new by any means and can be learned by most seasoned entrepreneurs. I really do think that anyone who does purchase the Online Traffic Formula study course has a lot to gain and even profit from. Lets face it, most people who buy into a house business of any kind doesn’t know how to market online. Thus their company fails. So looking at a number of the topics covered from above gives me confidence in the OTF system. Learning these

Simply to give you an idea, here is something to think about if your not positive if this program is ideal for you or not. Through Jason’s mentoring there’s been big name marketers coming up on the scene. To name a couple is Pierre Chuong, Brian McCoy, Chris Campbell, Tim Rohrer, and Many More. These men listened and took what he had been teaching them, and they’re earning well over 5 – 6 figure monthly incomes. The evidence is there, but you still may be reluctant, and I really understand. Just do not forget that there are huge benefits for you and your company if you do choose to make the most of Jason’s mentoring throughout the Online Traffic Formula.