What You Cannot Do in a Nightclub

Although the night club is a freedom place, you still have to concern some things about what you can do and cannot do in it.

  1. Do not drink the drink store

Do not ask the bartender to make a strong drink. It makes the risk for the bartender. He could lead to termination. If it is your first drink request, it must be annoying although you already tipped him. Think about the effect of your request.

b.   Asking the cheapest drink

You could stay at home rather than going to a club for the cheapest drink. The bartender knows you will not give any tip. You should know by yourself that the domestic beers are the cheapest drink. You can order it without need to ask for the cheapest drink.

c.    Tipping at the end

It s better to give the tip upfront. You cannot be looking out of the bartender. It is a bad gesture. You better know about it.

d.   Do not ask for the crazy name of drinks

Not all of the clubs in the world have the same name for their drinks. Therefore, you cannot ask for the name of the drink to the bartenders, and you just need to tell them the ingredients include. It helps the flow of the bartender’s service.

e.   Do not confuse on paying cash or with card

You make the queue long if in the end to pay. You confuse on getting your card or cash. It is better to prepare first while the bartender prepares your drink.

f.    Avoid ordering one at a time

Going with groups must be fun. You need to order in at the same time even if you pay separately. Start to avoid the confusing for bartenders.

All of those things may happen if you are going to the club for the first time. You also will camp out in the busy hours.

       g. Avoid using an amsterdam escort service in a club, is better to use a hotel or a house because you might get in troubble with the security team.