A Best Way to Check the History of Used Cars

As you have opted to purchase a used car in Ireland and you will need to confirm car’s history. Bear in mind, it’s extremely important to check history of used car before buying it. Actually, it is going to confirm that car is stolen and involved in any fraud. It will enable you to be certain you are likely to safe purchase. Many sellers assure their clients that the car is fine, everything is fine and there’s absolutely no fault. Even the traders and sellers may not know the entire truth. Best methods to confirm a car history in Ireland is as under.

The only official site in Ireland with the upgraded car history check system. Be aware; don’t take verification from any unauthorized trader or vendor, since they might show you incorrect data, which hasn’t upgraded.

Open motor check site and Add the registration number from the box labeled”Irish Vehicles” and click on Get Report. It will display report demonstrating Make, Model, and Year with a few other crucial details as below.

* Has it ever been reported as Stolen?

* Can it be licenced as a cab?
* Does it have legal road tax?
* Can it pass the NCT?
* What is its present value?
* What’s the UK or NI history?

If you are unable to notify DVLA before any deal, then you may be held accountable for any prospective motoring offences. Remember, you might need to check mail regarding motoring offences.

Before closing deal you also have a road test with AA Ireland engineers. A new automobile history service began from AA Ireland, that helps you to ensure that the vehicle you’re ready to purchase has passed road test and provide you with 175-point report.